Kamis, 22 September 2016


Hello! It's me again, I'm writing for the second time and I hope it would be better :)
In this post, I'm going to tell you about an event in SMAN 3 Bandung called WTTF.

World Tournament & Techno Fest or we can call it WTTF is one of the OSIS at SMAN 3 Bandung's programme. This programme was held at 20th of August. 20th of August was Saturday which means it should have been a sport lesson. So, this programme became the presence of sport lesson. Every students in 32019 generation must join this programme. But it doesn't mean that only 32019 join this programme. 32018 generation also joined. Why? Because OSIS wants to increase the bond between 32019 and 32018. Beside that, in this programme we have to speak in English. The main information that I got is, 32019 play against 32018 to win a game in every place that have been fixed. If a class wins the game, they will get a piece of card. That piece of card will be arranged by 32019 and 32018 at the end of this event.

For there were a lot of students, every class should have their own costume. As a X MIA 3 student, I have to wear a black shirt with black pants (school sport uniform) and batik fabric from school too.

WTTF started when we got a map from OSIS. The map gave a clue to guide us to the place we have to go in order. If I'm not mistaken, we had to go to 10 places, but we just went to 8 places because the time had run out. The first game was the fight game (I don't know the name) by using a playstation stick. And the 32018 win. Second, we had to go to Music Centrum Garden to play a 'Rangking 2' game. So, we have to be a second for being a winner. My class won in this game!! Third, we had to go to badminton court for playing a playstation again. But because the score was draw, so both classes got that piece of card. Next, the purpose of the game was collecting water as much as possible by throwing a watered sponge and we won again. After that, we had to play flappy bird, but here there was some problems because the handphone that we used for playing the game ran out of battery, but we still won the game! The next place was a bit far, it's at photo garden. Before we continued the game, we took a rest, eat, and pray. After that, we continued the game by playing twister and making robot. Both of the game won by my class. Because the time had run out, we have to go to Lapangan Bali to arrange that piece of card. Arranging that piece of card spent almost 30 minutes, but that's okay because 32019 win this game...

To be honest this kind of programme is tiring, but I can take a moral value from the game that we play, such as teamwork and supportive.

That's all from me for this second post. I hope you enjoys it
See you in the my next post..

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