Rabu, 29 Maret 2017


I will tell you my last Saturday activity, I hope you like it!

Dewa Athena is a sport activity that involved 10th and 11th graders. Last Saturday, at 25th of March 2017, I joined that event. It was the IX Dewa Athena. There were a lot of competitions, such as basketball, soccer, volley, badminton, gobak sodor, dodge ball, estafet, tug of war, and many more.

Honestly, I couldn’t enjoy this activity because of my injured hand. I couldn’t join all of the competitions. So, I just watched my friends struggle for victory.

That day, we gathered at 07.30 in Lapang Bali to attend Dewa Athena opening. After the opening finished, my class went to soccer field to played gobak sodor. Gobak sodor is a traditional game. Gobak sodor played by 2 teams. The team can play as a defender or offense team. The defend team, have to deter every offense team player. My class, X Science 3 lost this game. After, this game, there were around 30 minutes for me to watch another game before I went to KPA practice. So, I waited for my class basketball competition.

At 9 o’clock, I went straight to school, took my angklung and gathered at 12 Science 5. The practice must be start at 9 o’clock, but because of some people hadn’t come yet, so the practice was start at 10. Maybe everyone will ask, why did I leave Dewa Athena activity. It was because, 25th of March was second last evaluation before we perform in our concert.

This practice consists of song practice. There were about 10 songs that we have to play in evaluation and without reading any scores. Of course if we didn’t prioritize this practice, the result will be so bad.

That day, I was very sad because I couldn’t give my contribution to my class. Even I couldn’t join all of the competition, at least I watched them played. But it was okay, because next week there are another Dewa Athena competition.

Selasa, 28 Februari 2017


In this post, I'm gonna tell you what we can learn from nature!
Hope you like it!

Nature is the phenomena of the physical world. Nature consists of all the things in whole world. Human, plant, animal, and the other things have a relation with nature. If human do good things to nature, then nature will giving back the other good things. Even though nature is a non-living thing, we still can take a lot of things to learn. Unfortunately, people nowadays were too busy with their own activity. Usually the activities don’t related to nature and even forget things related to nature. But, the fact is we can learn how to live from nature.
I can take a lot of lessons to learn from nature. In nature, we can’t control several things such as natural disaster, fate, and maybe other things. We can’t always get what we want from other. In nature, we have to survive. There are competitions in life. If we can’t survive well, it would be hard to live. Living need strength, we can’t ask people for a help every time.  There is something that we have to do it by ourselves. In nature, keep developing is very important, at least today is better than yesterday and try to be better tomorrow. I am sure that everyone keeps developing themselves and we can’t underestimate other development. Besides underestimating other development, we can’t underestimate other from their physics.  Even small things are important. Everything won’t be created if it doesn’t have any functions in life. The most important thing in life is we have to adapt well in any situations. In life, situations will always change and we have to be ready for it. Beside the changes of situations, there is also life cycle. It would be impossible if life will always make us happy without any problems. There must be some problem come to our life. But, don’t be hesitating problems in life because there will always be a solution to solve it but of course with an extra effort. I believe that every human want a peace in their life. They try to create peace but peace comes from other human too. So, don’t ever disturb the other life with negative things.
As I say in the first paragraph that human and nature have a relation. Human and nature do the giving offering relation. For example, human create carbon dioxide, plant need and take that carbon dioxide for doing the photosynthesis. In doing photosynthesis, plant also need sun light and water. But after they use carbon dioxide, sun light, and water, they give us the clean oxygen.

That is what we can learn from nature. There still a lot of lessons to learn. So don’t ever busy with your own things without seeing any nature related things because if you look deep into nature, you will understand everything better. The other things that prove the giving offering activities between nature and living or non living things is William Wordsworth quotes. He said that nature never betray the heart that loved her.

Minggu, 26 Februari 2017


DOWN 1-11, ACROSS 12-25
  1. (adj) Moving with great speed.
  2. One of the expanded, usually green organs bome by the plant stem
  3. The juice or vital circulating fluid of a plant
  4. Colorless, odorless, gaseous element that we breath
  5. Rapidity of motion or operation
  6. (adj) Threatened with extinction
  7. A person who forecast the weather
  8. An Eskimo house
  9. Large, edible, tropical fruit of the melberry family
  10. (Pronoun) Used to represent an inanimate thing
  11. Expression affected by unhappiness
  12. The liquid content of a river
  13. The wife of the king
  14. A woodwind instrument with a slender conical, tubular body and a double-reed mouthpiece
  15. Objective case of we
  16. A small, round blemish
  17. A stiped, black and white mammal
  18. A compound tissue in vascular plant that help provide water and nutrient
  19. The colour that blue and green makes
  20. (adj) To posses or to emphasize the idea of ownership
  21. A period of dry weather
  22. To provide support
  23. Gone by or elapsed in time
  24. The colored portion of the eye
  25. (adj) Not bright

Selasa, 31 Januari 2017


Hi! I'm back with another story.
This post will tell you about the most helpful person in about few weeks ago.

In last two weeks, my school was very busy. Besides a lot of homework, we have to arrange our own extra class. From the given schedule, I have to follow the extra class on Friday at 14.30 p.m. But, because I didn't have any activity from 11.30 a.m. until the extra class started and I will be bored. Another reason is, we join the angklung extracurricular and every Friday there is practice at 16.30 p.m. If we join the extra class and go straight to angklung practice, I will be very tired. So, me and my friends decided to change the schedule to follow the extra class on Friday but in the first session which starts at 13.00 p.m.

That day, the extra class did not start yet. Me and my friend, Rafa, couldn't go home because we had to practice angklung at 16.30 p.m. We couldn't wait at our own class because there was a Germany lesson. So we went to the fair in front of our school. After a few minutes looking at the stands there, we got very bored. Fortunately, there were a lot of chairs in the corridor, without any argumentation, we sat there and started to chat. Our topic is about our own future life. I felt very unprepared for facing my college in next 3 years. I don't know which university I will choose, what should I learn for making my future great, and many more.

While we were chatting there, I felt very dizzy because I haven't eaten since that morning. Rafa already offered me her money to buy food. Actually, I brought some money, but the problem was, my bag was in my class and we didn't want to disturb the Germany class student. But finally, because I felt very hungry and my maag disease started to hurt my stomach, I had to borrow Rafa's money to buy food.

I am very thankful to her because if she hadn't lend her money to me, I will be very starving and maybe I will sick and can't join the angklung practice.

Rabu, 11 Januari 2017


I’m back in this blog, yay!

This blog will tell you about my activities during the school holiday..

School holiday started at 23rd of December 2016, at that day, we just took our semester 1 report. Parents must came, so we could fill the second semester contract. My first report in 3 Senior High School not as bad as I thought, even it was not the best report in my whole life..

The next day, I still had to go to school because there was KPA practice. It was really fun and tiring.

The next few days, I just stay at home. I couldn't go anywhere because my parents was busy and I was not permitted to go with my friends only. To be honest, I didn't like holiday at home. Of course! almost everyone don't like it. My habits at home was just eat, sleep, play, watch. But, I had to push myself to do an useful activities such as clean my watches, wash my shoes, and tidy my wardrobe.

One day my friends ask me to watch with her at PVJ. At the beginning I wasn't sure if my parents would allow me to go with her. But because of I couldn't stay at home with very bored activities, so I had to get a permission from my parents to go with her. fortunately, my parents allow me to go with my friends and I was really happy. The next day, I went to PVJ from my friends house. It was a little bit tiring because lately I never go out a whole day with my family. But that's okay because I wanted my holiday became not so bored.

The next activities in my holiday besides staying at home is...

One night, when I was very bored of my holiday, my father told me that he and my mom were going to have a day for us to go to one of recreation place around Lembang. In the beginning my brother didn't want to join the family time, but me and my sister said that it would be very fun because every time we went on holiday, we always spent it at home without any activity. Finally, my brother agreed to join the family time. Before we went holiday in the next day, we had to choose our recreation place. My parents told that Dusun Bambu was a good place for spent the whole day. We were done discussing it around 10 o'clock at night, because of it, we didn't prepare the things to bring in the next day.

That day when we will have a short holiday, I woke up at six. I had to prepare a lot of thing such as clothes, foods, drinks, bags, and many more. Were done at 7 o'clock in the morning. We immediately went to Dusun Bambu. Maybe everyone will think why we must go in the morning while the place still deserted. My family don't like traffic jam and crowded place, so we have to arrived before the place get too crowd. The journey took about one and a half hours. When we arrived there it turns out that some people already arrived there to start their holiday. Fortunately, me and my family didn't have to wait for a long time to buy an entry tickets. But it was a boring time when we have to wait a minibus to pick us up to the exact place to spend our holiday. because of our lack of patience, we decided to walk by our foot. The weather was cold and I was very happy because lately Bandung was so hot.

The first activity at Dusun Bambu, we walked around the park to see what sorts of activities there were and which ones I would be interested in. After that, we walked to search a restaurant, but it was still morning, we have to search some place that we could do a lot of thing. When we walked, we met someone who bring a heavy object and he was block the only way that we will walked through it. At the end of that small way, we confused where to go. Maybe that person who was block our way heard it. He said that if we go up, we will found a flower park, if we go down, we will found a lake. 

We decide to go up and then go down. The flower park was not far from the place when a person talked to us. The park consist a lot of flower types with a different color. The color were red, orange, yellow, purple, and many more. The place was not crowded so we could took some photos there. My mom would take a photo of me while I jumped. To get a great result, I had to jump over and over again. My father wanted to try it to, he would take a photo of me and my sister while we were jump. I was a little bit tired, but the result was very worth it.

After we saw a very beautiful flower park and got a great photo, we continued our activities to see a lake down there. On the way there, as usual we wanted to get more photos so we walked very slowly. The park started to get crowd, a lot of people came there. We wanted to see a lot of spot, so we had to walk quickly. When we arrived at the lake, there were a lot of boat. But in our logic, if we get into the boat for 5 people, it would get drown. But we didn't get worry about that because there were donut boat. The donut boat wouldn't get drowned even 5 people got in it. In the beginning, we thought it was not fun at all because some people seems scared, but we wanted to try it. Is it that scary? Let's try! 

My mom bought 5 tickets for us, after waited for few minutes, it's time for us to ride it. We were very excited. Before we rode to the middle of the lake, the guard tought us how to rode it well. In first 3 minutes, we still learned to understand how the machine work. After that, we started to enjoy it. 15 minutes was a short time for us to enjoy the doughnut boat, but it had to be end. After that, we wanted to try another thing that could float. But, my condition was impossible to play that so we went to have lunch. After lunch, we went home.

Before I got home, my family and I went to Grapari, cut our hair because in few days school will be started and we went to restaurant to eat again..
That was my short holiday on 4th of January 2017

The next 3 days, I went to school to practice angklung. And finally, my holiday was over...

Senin, 14 November 2016


1. Why did Beethoven's childhood wasn't as good as everyone thought?
a. His family is poor
b. He can't play music
c. Many problems came to him when he was pursuing his dreams
d. His mother not support him to be a musician
e. He had many diseases

2. Where did his carrier begin?
a. Germany
b. Vienna
c. Bonn
d. Wahring
e. France

3. What did he do in his whole life?
a. Struggling for his dreams
b. Giving up on his career
c. Work just for finance his brothers
d. Travelling for meet the famous and fine musician
e. Playing piano just for the happiness of himself

4. Who was the most helpful musician in his life?
a. Neefe
b, Mozart
c. Haydn
d. His mom
e. His father

5. Beethoven has had several jobs, except...
a. Teacher
b. Pianist
c. Musician
d. Traveler
e. Music composer

Jumat, 04 November 2016


Hi Guys!
This post will tell you about my heroes.

Ludwig van Beethoven,
I chose him as my heroes because...

Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany around December 15, 1770. He was born during a time when Europe was changing. This was a time when people were discovering a new life. They were going out and trying new things. This became the Era of the Romantics. Beethoven did his share in changing Europe during this time. He just didn’t sit around watching these changes as they went by.
Bonn, Germany
Beethoven's house at Bonn
Beethoven showed much interest in music as a young child. His father encouraged him to practice both piano and the violin. Beethoven’s father was hoping his child would be as sensational as the Musician Mozart. But his childhood wasn’t as good as everyone thought it was.
Beethoven began taking music lessons at the age of eight years old. His music teacher was musician, C.G Neefe. Beethoven learned the rules of composition and was able to master the techniques of a professional keyboard player from Neefe. He was even composing his own short piano pieces. Neefe believed that Beethoven should have the opportunity to travel. So, Neefe let him go to Vienna.

When Beethoven went to Vienna he met and had lessons with the musical legend Mozart. But what Beethoven thought was a great time for him, ended very quickly because he had news that his mother was dying from tuberculosis, so he returned to Bonn. During this hard time Beethoven began to make his name known as a very fine musician. Beethoven had another opportunity to once again visit Vienna with famous music composer Joseph Haydn. Once again problems struck because there was a battle going on during this time, but he still went.
As time went by Beethoven wasn’t really enjoying working with Haydn because he believed he wasn’t a really good teacher because he was “too keen of rules”. So he began taking different paths. He had to find a new job in Vienna to send the money to his two brothers because his father had died. He began working at private parties. He was beginning to get a reputation as the most exciting pianist in Vienna by the way he amused his audiences.
At the age of thirty, Beethoven was realizing a really horrible thing. He was getting signs that he was going deaf. He was noticing these symptoms about three years earlier in 1798. He honestly thought that his career was over because of how difficult it was for him to do his job. He eventually had to give up playing the piano and teaching altogether. Beethoven created many things during his life time: symphonies, chorals, sonatas and his only opera, Fidelio.
Famous song (Fur Elise)
He died on March 26, 1827 around 5:45 p.m. Twenty thousand people came to see his funeral. He was buried at Währing's Cemetery. But in 1888 his remains were brought to The Central Cemetery of Vienna. 

He is my heroes because he made a lot of changes in music. Even though he was deaf, he doesn't give up, he works hard for being a very find musician and it was success. So, there's nothing to prevent successful.