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Hi everyone! I believe you guys know a story about Hansel & Gretel.
And this is a Hansel & Gretel's script.


NARRATOR: Hansel and Gretel lived in a forest in a tiny cottage with their poor father, who was a woodcutter, and their evil stepmother. One day, their stepmother said to their father that they should abandon the two children deep in the forest because she thought that if they were gone, she would have more food for herself. She insisted so much that the woodcutter finally agreed. But Hansel and Gretel were not sleeping, they were listening to the whole conversation.

HANSEL: Don´t cry, little sister. I have an idea to find our way back home.

NARRATOR: The next morning, when they went into the forest, their stepmother gave each one of them a piece of bread.

STEPMOTHER: Don´t eat this bread before lunch, because this is all you are going to eat today.


NARRATOR: While they were walking, Hansel was secretly leaving a trail of breadcrumbs in order to find their way back home.

STEPMOTHER: Stay here until we come to pick you up.

NARRATOR: Hansel and Gretel did as they were told, but then night came.

HANSEL: Come on Gretel, it´s time to find our way home.
GRETEL: I´ll help you find the breadcrumbs.
HANSEL: I can´t find any!
GRETEL: Oh no, I knew it! The animals ate them! Now what are we going to do?
HANSEL: We need to find a safe place to stay.
GRETEL: Look! There´s a cave over there.
HANSEL: Let´s go!

NARRATOR: They stayed in the cave for a few days without eating, until they finally decided to go out and find some food to eat. So they walked deeper into the forest when they saw something in the distance.

GRETEL: What is that over there?
HANSEL: It looks like a little house.
GRETEL: Let´s take a closer look.


NARRATOR: So they approached the little house.

HANSEL: This house is weird. Look Gretel, it´s all made up of chocolate, cookies, and bread!
GRETEL: And it´s delicious!
HANSEL: I´ve never tasted anything like this in my whole life!

NARRATOR: Suddenly, a witch opened the door to the delicious house.

WITCH: How did you get here, little children?
HANSEL: We got lost in the forest.
WITCH: Oh, poor of you! Please, come inside.
GRETEL: No, I don´t think we should. 
HANSEL: Don´t worry, she will not harm us.
WITCH: Of course not, I am an old, old lady.
HANSEL: See, Gretel. She is like our grandmother. 
WITCH: You can even stay here with me. I live here all alone in the forest. I will cook for you, you look so thin and weak.

NARRATOR: The two siblings stayed with the witch but Hansel knew deep inside him that there was something wrong.

GRETEL: What is wrong?
HANSEL: Why does she care so much about us, if she doesn't even know us?.
GRETEL: And she gives us so much food!
HANSEL: She wants us to be fat…
GRETEL: To eat us!

NARRATOR: The witch was hiding behind the door listening to every word they said.

WITCH: You´re right! Get in the oven!

HANSEL AND GRETEL: In the oven? It´s too small!
WITCH: No it's not, even I can fit in it… look!

NARRATOR: Then she gets inside the oven and Hansel and Gretel quickly shut the door, leaving her trapped inside.

HANSEL: Come on, run!

NARRATOR: They ran outside the house as fast as they could. They walked for two days until they reached their old house.

HANSEL: We are finally home!

NARRATOR: They knocked at the door and their father opened it

FATHER: My dear children!
FATHER: My wife died and all this time I have been thinking of you.
HANSEL: We missed you!
GRETEL: We suffered a lot but we learned to survive by ourselves.
FATHER: Please forgive me!
HANSEL AND GRETEL: We love you, there is nothing to forgive!


That is the script with some pictures, I hope you like it!

Author: Grimm Brothers

Script Source: 

Pictures Source: 

Aulia Kinamulen (XIPA3)
Fathiyya Maghfirah T (XIPA3)
Raissa Fattya (XIPA3)
Ayesha Nur Fadhilah (XIPA3)

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