Rabu, 26 Oktober 2016


1. With who does Hansel and Gretel live?
a. They live with their father and their stepmother
b. They live with poor woman
c. They live with  evil witch
d. They live alone
e. They live with poor man

2. What do they search after their stepmother left them?
a. A place to hide
b. Breadcrumbs
c. Tiny cottage
d. Food
e. House made of chocolate, cookies and breads

3. Why does Hansel leave a trail of breadcrumbs?
a. To deceive stepmother
b. To invite animals to come
c. To find a way back home
d. Because he is clumsy
e. They don't like bread

4. Why does Hansel realized there's something wrong with the witch?
a. The witch doesn't even know them
b. The witch let them eat the delicious little house
c. The witch give so much foods
d. The witch prepare to cook lot of foods
e. The witch give them lot of sweets 

5. The moral value of the story is..
a. Parents shouldn't think about their children
b. Accept anything you are given
c. Food is everything, so don't give it to anyone
d. Don't trust strangers easily
e. Don't be a naughty children

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