Selasa, 31 Januari 2017


Hi! I'm back with another story.
This post will tell you about the most helpful person in about few weeks ago.

In last two weeks, my school was very busy. Besides a lot of homework, we have to arrange our own extra class. From the given schedule, I have to follow the extra class on Friday at 14.30 p.m. But, because I didn't have any activity from 11.30 a.m. until the extra class started and I will be bored. Another reason is, we join the angklung extracurricular and every Friday there is practice at 16.30 p.m. If we join the extra class and go straight to angklung practice, I will be very tired. So, me and my friends decided to change the schedule to follow the extra class on Friday but in the first session which starts at 13.00 p.m.

That day, the extra class did not start yet. Me and my friend, Rafa, couldn't go home because we had to practice angklung at 16.30 p.m. We couldn't wait at our own class because there was a Germany lesson. So we went to the fair in front of our school. After a few minutes looking at the stands there, we got very bored. Fortunately, there were a lot of chairs in the corridor, without any argumentation, we sat there and started to chat. Our topic is about our own future life. I felt very unprepared for facing my college in next 3 years. I don't know which university I will choose, what should I learn for making my future great, and many more.

While we were chatting there, I felt very dizzy because I haven't eaten since that morning. Rafa already offered me her money to buy food. Actually, I brought some money, but the problem was, my bag was in my class and we didn't want to disturb the Germany class student. But finally, because I felt very hungry and my maag disease started to hurt my stomach, I had to borrow Rafa's money to buy food.

I am very thankful to her because if she hadn't lend her money to me, I will be very starving and maybe I will sick and can't join the angklung practice.

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  1. Hi Fat! I didn't expect that you could wrote my name! Hehe I feel so happy now!