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I’m back in this blog, yay!

This blog will tell you about my activities during the school holiday..

School holiday started at 23rd of December 2016, at that day, we just took our semester 1 report. Parents must came, so we could fill the second semester contract. My first report in 3 Senior High School not as bad as I thought, even it was not the best report in my whole life..

The next day, I still had to go to school because there was KPA practice. It was really fun and tiring.

The next few days, I just stay at home. I couldn't go anywhere because my parents was busy and I was not permitted to go with my friends only. To be honest, I didn't like holiday at home. Of course! almost everyone don't like it. My habits at home was just eat, sleep, play, watch. But, I had to push myself to do an useful activities such as clean my watches, wash my shoes, and tidy my wardrobe.

One day my friends ask me to watch with her at PVJ. At the beginning I wasn't sure if my parents would allow me to go with her. But because of I couldn't stay at home with very bored activities, so I had to get a permission from my parents to go with her. fortunately, my parents allow me to go with my friends and I was really happy. The next day, I went to PVJ from my friends house. It was a little bit tiring because lately I never go out a whole day with my family. But that's okay because I wanted my holiday became not so bored.

The next activities in my holiday besides staying at home is...

One night, when I was very bored of my holiday, my father told me that he and my mom were going to have a day for us to go to one of recreation place around Lembang. In the beginning my brother didn't want to join the family time, but me and my sister said that it would be very fun because every time we went on holiday, we always spent it at home without any activity. Finally, my brother agreed to join the family time. Before we went holiday in the next day, we had to choose our recreation place. My parents told that Dusun Bambu was a good place for spent the whole day. We were done discussing it around 10 o'clock at night, because of it, we didn't prepare the things to bring in the next day.

That day when we will have a short holiday, I woke up at six. I had to prepare a lot of thing such as clothes, foods, drinks, bags, and many more. Were done at 7 o'clock in the morning. We immediately went to Dusun Bambu. Maybe everyone will think why we must go in the morning while the place still deserted. My family don't like traffic jam and crowded place, so we have to arrived before the place get too crowd. The journey took about one and a half hours. When we arrived there it turns out that some people already arrived there to start their holiday. Fortunately, me and my family didn't have to wait for a long time to buy an entry tickets. But it was a boring time when we have to wait a minibus to pick us up to the exact place to spend our holiday. because of our lack of patience, we decided to walk by our foot. The weather was cold and I was very happy because lately Bandung was so hot.

The first activity at Dusun Bambu, we walked around the park to see what sorts of activities there were and which ones I would be interested in. After that, we walked to search a restaurant, but it was still morning, we have to search some place that we could do a lot of thing. When we walked, we met someone who bring a heavy object and he was block the only way that we will walked through it. At the end of that small way, we confused where to go. Maybe that person who was block our way heard it. He said that if we go up, we will found a flower park, if we go down, we will found a lake. 

We decide to go up and then go down. The flower park was not far from the place when a person talked to us. The park consist a lot of flower types with a different color. The color were red, orange, yellow, purple, and many more. The place was not crowded so we could took some photos there. My mom would take a photo of me while I jumped. To get a great result, I had to jump over and over again. My father wanted to try it to, he would take a photo of me and my sister while we were jump. I was a little bit tired, but the result was very worth it.

After we saw a very beautiful flower park and got a great photo, we continued our activities to see a lake down there. On the way there, as usual we wanted to get more photos so we walked very slowly. The park started to get crowd, a lot of people came there. We wanted to see a lot of spot, so we had to walk quickly. When we arrived at the lake, there were a lot of boat. But in our logic, if we get into the boat for 5 people, it would get drown. But we didn't get worry about that because there were donut boat. The donut boat wouldn't get drowned even 5 people got in it. In the beginning, we thought it was not fun at all because some people seems scared, but we wanted to try it. Is it that scary? Let's try! 

My mom bought 5 tickets for us, after waited for few minutes, it's time for us to ride it. We were very excited. Before we rode to the middle of the lake, the guard tought us how to rode it well. In first 3 minutes, we still learned to understand how the machine work. After that, we started to enjoy it. 15 minutes was a short time for us to enjoy the doughnut boat, but it had to be end. After that, we wanted to try another thing that could float. But, my condition was impossible to play that so we went to have lunch. After lunch, we went home.

Before I got home, my family and I went to Grapari, cut our hair because in few days school will be started and we went to restaurant to eat again..
That was my short holiday on 4th of January 2017

The next 3 days, I went to school to practice angklung. And finally, my holiday was over...

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