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In this post, I'm gonna tell you what we can learn from nature!
Hope you like it!

Nature is the phenomena of the physical world. Nature consists of all the things in whole world. Human, plant, animal, and the other things have a relation with nature. If human do good things to nature, then nature will giving back the other good things. Even though nature is a non-living thing, we still can take a lot of things to learn. Unfortunately, people nowadays were too busy with their own activity. Usually the activities don’t related to nature and even forget things related to nature. But, the fact is we can learn how to live from nature.
I can take a lot of lessons to learn from nature. In nature, we can’t control several things such as natural disaster, fate, and maybe other things. We can’t always get what we want from other. In nature, we have to survive. There are competitions in life. If we can’t survive well, it would be hard to live. Living need strength, we can’t ask people for a help every time.  There is something that we have to do it by ourselves. In nature, keep developing is very important, at least today is better than yesterday and try to be better tomorrow. I am sure that everyone keeps developing themselves and we can’t underestimate other development. Besides underestimating other development, we can’t underestimate other from their physics.  Even small things are important. Everything won’t be created if it doesn’t have any functions in life. The most important thing in life is we have to adapt well in any situations. In life, situations will always change and we have to be ready for it. Beside the changes of situations, there is also life cycle. It would be impossible if life will always make us happy without any problems. There must be some problem come to our life. But, don’t be hesitating problems in life because there will always be a solution to solve it but of course with an extra effort. I believe that every human want a peace in their life. They try to create peace but peace comes from other human too. So, don’t ever disturb the other life with negative things.
As I say in the first paragraph that human and nature have a relation. Human and nature do the giving offering relation. For example, human create carbon dioxide, plant need and take that carbon dioxide for doing the photosynthesis. In doing photosynthesis, plant also need sun light and water. But after they use carbon dioxide, sun light, and water, they give us the clean oxygen.

That is what we can learn from nature. There still a lot of lessons to learn. So don’t ever busy with your own things without seeing any nature related things because if you look deep into nature, you will understand everything better. The other things that prove the giving offering activities between nature and living or non living things is William Wordsworth quotes. He said that nature never betray the heart that loved her.

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