Rabu, 29 Maret 2017


I will tell you my last Saturday activity, I hope you like it!

Dewa Athena is a sport activity that involved 10th and 11th graders. Last Saturday, at 25th of March 2017, I joined that event. It was the IX Dewa Athena. There were a lot of competitions, such as basketball, soccer, volley, badminton, gobak sodor, dodge ball, estafet, tug of war, and many more.

Honestly, I couldn’t enjoy this activity because of my injured hand. I couldn’t join all of the competitions. So, I just watched my friends struggle for victory.

That day, we gathered at 07.30 in Lapang Bali to attend Dewa Athena opening. After the opening finished, my class went to soccer field to played gobak sodor. Gobak sodor is a traditional game. Gobak sodor played by 2 teams. The team can play as a defender or offense team. The defend team, have to deter every offense team player. My class, X Science 3 lost this game. After, this game, there were around 30 minutes for me to watch another game before I went to KPA practice. So, I waited for my class basketball competition.

At 9 o’clock, I went straight to school, took my angklung and gathered at 12 Science 5. The practice must be start at 9 o’clock, but because of some people hadn’t come yet, so the practice was start at 10. Maybe everyone will ask, why did I leave Dewa Athena activity. It was because, 25th of March was second last evaluation before we perform in our concert.

This practice consists of song practice. There were about 10 songs that we have to play in evaluation and without reading any scores. Of course if we didn’t prioritize this practice, the result will be so bad.

That day, I was very sad because I couldn’t give my contribution to my class. Even I couldn’t join all of the competition, at least I watched them played. But it was okay, because next week there are another Dewa Athena competition.

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