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Hi Guys!
This post will tell you about my heroes.

Ludwig van Beethoven,
I chose him as my heroes because...

Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany around December 15, 1770. He was born during a time when Europe was changing. This was a time when people were discovering a new life. They were going out and trying new things. This became the Era of the Romantics. Beethoven did his share in changing Europe during this time. He just didn’t sit around watching these changes as they went by.
Bonn, Germany
Beethoven's house at Bonn
Beethoven showed much interest in music as a young child. His father encouraged him to practice both piano and the violin. Beethoven’s father was hoping his child would be as sensational as the Musician Mozart. But his childhood wasn’t as good as everyone thought it was.
Beethoven began taking music lessons at the age of eight years old. His music teacher was musician, C.G Neefe. Beethoven learned the rules of composition and was able to master the techniques of a professional keyboard player from Neefe. He was even composing his own short piano pieces. Neefe believed that Beethoven should have the opportunity to travel. So, Neefe let him go to Vienna.

When Beethoven went to Vienna he met and had lessons with the musical legend Mozart. But what Beethoven thought was a great time for him, ended very quickly because he had news that his mother was dying from tuberculosis, so he returned to Bonn. During this hard time Beethoven began to make his name known as a very fine musician. Beethoven had another opportunity to once again visit Vienna with famous music composer Joseph Haydn. Once again problems struck because there was a battle going on during this time, but he still went.
As time went by Beethoven wasn’t really enjoying working with Haydn because he believed he wasn’t a really good teacher because he was “too keen of rules”. So he began taking different paths. He had to find a new job in Vienna to send the money to his two brothers because his father had died. He began working at private parties. He was beginning to get a reputation as the most exciting pianist in Vienna by the way he amused his audiences.
At the age of thirty, Beethoven was realizing a really horrible thing. He was getting signs that he was going deaf. He was noticing these symptoms about three years earlier in 1798. He honestly thought that his career was over because of how difficult it was for him to do his job. He eventually had to give up playing the piano and teaching altogether. Beethoven created many things during his life time: symphonies, chorals, sonatas and his only opera, Fidelio.
Famous song (Fur Elise)
He died on March 26, 1827 around 5:45 p.m. Twenty thousand people came to see his funeral. He was buried at W√§hring's Cemetery. But in 1888 his remains were brought to The Central Cemetery of Vienna. 

He is my heroes because he made a lot of changes in music. Even though he was deaf, he doesn't give up, he works hard for being a very find musician and it was success. So, there's nothing to prevent successful.


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