Senin, 14 November 2016


1. Why did Beethoven's childhood wasn't as good as everyone thought?
a. His family is poor
b. He can't play music
c. Many problems came to him when he was pursuing his dreams
d. His mother not support him to be a musician
e. He had many diseases

2. Where did his carrier begin?
a. Germany
b. Vienna
c. Bonn
d. Wahring
e. France

3. What did he do in his whole life?
a. Struggling for his dreams
b. Giving up on his career
c. Work just for finance his brothers
d. Travelling for meet the famous and fine musician
e. Playing piano just for the happiness of himself

4. Who was the most helpful musician in his life?
a. Neefe
b, Mozart
c. Haydn
d. His mom
e. His father

5. Beethoven has had several jobs, except...
a. Teacher
b. Pianist
c. Musician
d. Traveler
e. Music composer

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